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Happy late birthday to morenasangre!

Happy birthday to hanasaseru!

Happy early birthday to manifestress, omnia_mutantur, lightniing, jlassen, and devoken, who advance a year over the extended weekend!

Balancing out, thank goodness. And I have enough of the muscle relaxant to last me the weekend.

Arisia Survival Guide
* DO NOT give me a friendly shoulder rub as a hello.
* DO ask if I'm currently huggable.
* DO NOT give me those big hugs that lift me off the ground - they are excruciatingly painful.
* DO ask if I need a nap, if I seem spacey. I may not realize that I need one unless it's suggested. Because that's how I am when I need a nap.
* DO introduce yourself, even if we've met before, if that meeting was fleeting. I'm not at Adam's level of faceblindness, but I have a broken short-to-long-term memory buffer.

On a nonphysical note...

* DO please come to my reading - Saturday at 4:30. As a journeyman writer, it is important for me to have support. As I said last night, "Reading to a room full of people is frightening. Reading to an empty room is demoralizing. Give me the frightening, please." So come and bring your friends! There will be a drawing for a free chapbook! And cookies!

Vote on This!
phinnia says: "The original proposal (fully portable funded medicaid waivers for the intellectual/developmental disabled) passed the initial phase and it's now up on Now people are trying to get it into the Economic Stimulus Package. There are a lot of wonderful comments about how the process works and how it does stimulate the economy, and there's another round of voting.
I would sleep so much easier if I didn't have to worry myself sick over Sean's future. other people are free to pass it on."

Our poor S00j!
Had a bit more done than anticipated.

Picture of the Day

Want to know what Kyth and I are up to? Reading. Party. It's jaw-droppingly awesome.

Link Soup
* Read this.
* Buy this.
* Vote on this.

Daily Science
FDA okays new drug for fibro!

Cleaning. Baking. Writing. Bill-paying. Packing. Timing myself reading. Last-minute sweep of s00j-benefit stuff.

Arisia. My schedule:

7pm: Hands-On Science for Teens.

10am: Boundaries, Backup, and Buffy. Teen track. Will have candy. Tell your teenagers!
1pm: massage
4:30pm: Reading. You should all come. Will have cookies. Tell your friends.
Night: Ziggurat Labs party, Barfleet party and s00j benefit!, etc.

12:00pm: Sexual Politics and Problems at Conventions
5:00pm: The Power of Myth (Comics track)
6:00pm: Criss-crossing Genres
7:00pm: Art and Illness
8:00pm-midnight: "Masks and Memories" party, co-hosting with Kythryne.

brunch with aViva
2:00pm: Good Guys Wear Black: The Villain as Protagonist

And I'll be taking shifts in the Hot Chicks with Books room, selling my chapbooks.

I repeat once more, your best chance to connect with me is at my reading. And then at my party. Otherwise I'll be dashing about the con like a mad thing. Priority also goes to people who make lunch and dinner plans with me.

Right, then. Shower and tidying.

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