Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Just got a call from the landlord; they're having the house appraised, and they need the appraiser to do a walkthrough.

9:30am tomorrow.

So in addition to all of the Arisia prep that I've not been able to get all week, and in the midst of the shuffling chaos of multiple houseguests, and after a week of slacking a bit in general because my body has not been kind to me (and I'm still feeling Lyrica-withdrawal sick) - I have to clean my house top to bottom tonight/tomorrow early morning.

Note: This is in fact illegal. We need 24 hours notice.

Also note: I told them we were going "out of town" Friday.

So. They've been warned that the house is chaotic. But still. I am frustrated and upset because I keep getting hit with tight deadlines and random shit today. Cannot catch a break. To recap:

* Ran out of meds
* Flat tire
* Muscle relaxant denied by doctor because I missed an appointment (which is rescheduled for next week)
* Allergy meds denied by insurance (because they no longer cover nondrowsy allergy meds, because you can get OTC Claritin - which does not work on me)
* Girl Scout cookie orders due actually today (we thought it was next week), but I got an extension til Sunday
* Massive emergency housecleaning required

And I still need to time myself reading and do my sekrit writing project. An do half-sheet flyers to tuck into my chapbooks. And pack. And get Elayna to pack.

*curls up in a still-sick ball and whimpers*

At least I will have chapbooks (thanks to saraphina_marie) and flyers for the party and Ravens in the Library (thanks to swashbucklr) and the food for the party (thanks to mgrasso for the ride) and decorations (thanks to emilytheslayer). I have my science panel covered (dry ice FTW), the teen boundaries panel prepped for. I have the ingredients for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for my reading (hafta bake tomorrow, too). I have space in the Hot Chicks with Books room. I have donations from s00j, sunspiral, and The Late Dr. Lady for the S00j benefit. I have a massage appointment for Saturday. I have plans and backup plans. I do have quite a lot done, thank goodness.

*reviews con schedule* Wait, the drum circle got bumped to midnight for a fucking circus dance? That's some fucked-up shit right there. *grumbles*

Anyway. As I've said elsewhere, this madness is largely due to the fact that I have not only a lot on my plate, but a lot of very different things on my plate. This amount of work in one area, I could handle. But I have about eight big things going simultaneously, and... that is a lot for anyone, and it is especially a lot for me, what with my difficulty processing multiple items. Once I get to the con, it will all be fine.
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