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Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to themaskmaker, kenscholes and waterotter!

A bit ouch. I'm going to try to reschedule my rheumatologist appointment for next week, though, simply because every visit is a $40 hit on our bank account and Adam gets paid Thursday.

S00j News!
s00j is in surgery right now - K has posted a total update here. This is going to be another hospial stay, too. Aii. So please buy and/or spread the word about the anthology, and check out the auctions and offers!

Speaking of the anthology...
We need flyers for Arisia - all the info we need on the flyers is here:
We need an actual website.
These are not my skillsets. Can anyone volunteer? Contact satyrblade!

"Mask and Memories" Party!
* I'd like flyers for this, too - any graphic-designy people able to work on this with me?
* Room change: We'll be in room 222, *not* 220.
* Anyone feel like bringing food or chipping in for food? We can't even really afford the room. *wry smile* I have a shopping list. But help would be awesome.
* emilytheslayer is the party manager.
* Trust me, you want to come. kythryne and I are working on something so awesome that I have been trying not to 'splode just talking about it.

Arisia Schedule
7pm: Hands-On Science for Teens. I'm desperately trying to get someone else to take this over - I want it to run, but just do not have time to develop a curriculum.

10am: Boundaries, Backup, and Buffy. Teen track. Will have candy. Tell your teenagers!
4:30pm: Reading. You should all come. Will have cookies. Tell your friends.
Night: Ziggurat Labs party, Barfleet party and s00j benefit!, etc.

12:00pm: Sexual Politics and Problems at Conventions
5:00pm: The Power of Myth (Comics track)
6:00pm: Criss-crossing Genres
7:00pm: Art and Illness
8:00pm-midnight: "Masks and Memories" party, co-hosting with kythryne.

2:00pm: Good Guys Wear Black: The Villain as Protagonist

So if someone could run into one of my Sunday evening panels and bring me coffee and a sandwich, I'd be much obliged. (It was worse before. Really.)

Will go to parties and dances as energy allows. Will need afternoon naps, especially Sunday. Will want meal buddies, so if anyone's organizing any dinners or whatnot, please let me know! As for other panels... I'll take a look once they have it in grid format. I want to attend Elayna's panels, and a few of Adam's, and I'd like to get to some readings. Whole schedule is here.

As I told someone yesterday, everything in my mind is marked as before-Arisia and after-Arisia. I'm doing an insane amount of prep here. And I have Ravens i the Library publicity stuff buzzing around there, too. So.

If you can help with any of my Arisia prep or flyer-making or anything here, please let me know.
If what you need is something else and does not have a hard deadline of Thursday, please hang onto it til next week.

Link Soup
* No more Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, and I am sorta heartbroken over here.
* New Goblin Fruit, though!
* And Spooky has an Etsy store now!

Daily Science
In nanotechnology, the position of a single atom can make all the difference—whether a material functions as a semiconductor or an insulator, whether it triggers a vital chemical process or stops it cold. The ability to define every atom in a nanoparticle precisely would permit full control of the properties and behavior of a nanomaterial. But deep-down atomic imaging techniques, such as electron microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy, are not enough for nanoengineering, because they do not provide the precise mathematical coordinates of every atom that nanotechnologists need.

“Beautiful pictures of nanostructures capture the imagination, but if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a table, filled with accurate atomic coordinates, is worth 1,000 pictures,” says Simon Billinge, who studies what he has dubbed the nanostructure problem at Columbia University and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Billinge and his like-minded colleagues instead are looking to combine methods and use conventional techniques in novel ways.

Arisia prep all day til I fall down at Diesel. I need to time myself reading a few things so I can see what fits best in that reading slot. Will "Angel" fit? Or will you get a super-sneak-preview of my next Wyrding Studios collaboration? Also, tablesaw will be helping me structure my sekrit project so I can show it to the appropriate people tonight. When he wakes up. I will fiddle with silly Facebook things til he wakes up.
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