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Happy birthdy to dark_blade, faelad, kylakae, and theicequeen!

Happy early birthday to jaded_dreamer, farren, spiziks, and tablesaw, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers copperwise and lizziebelle!

In memory
my_catharsis's birthday would have been Sunday. I will light a candle for her.

Little asthma trouble yesterday from the walk home in the OMFG cold. I need to remember to factor that in. Otherwise... great deal of pain, as I ran out of Celebrex again. My baseline is usually about 3; for the past week, it's been about a 7, as I rationed out the last precious yellow-and-white pills. This is the doctor whose power-tripping secretary always insists that I come in for refills, and the earliest appointment I could get was next week.

Yes, this happens every few months. Yes, I always forget how much pain I'm in during the rationing/gap period. No, I will not do this again. My brain doesn't work right when it's pain-addled; this cost me rather a lot of Arisia prep time. Argh. But I took my last Celebrex yesterday and today, and CVS apparently talked the secretary into authorizing a refill, so I should be back on track.

Preliminary schedule is up! There will be changes. I'm listed for a few panels I'm not supposed to be on, for example. But there's a rough guide to planning your con.

The one thing you should absolutely plan to attend: my reading, Saturday at 4:30.
The other thing: kythryne's-and-my party Sunday night, 8-midnight. See our new sekrit project!

Link Soup - Daily Science Edition!
* Milky Way: Now in Larger Size!
* Building Blocks for the First Permanent Moon Base!
* Quantum Repulsion!
* The Moons of Saturn!

Daily BPAL

GLÜHWEIN: Warm red wine spiced with cinnamon sticks, cardamom, vanilla beans, honey, clove, lemon and orange rind, bay leaf, and honey.
In bottle: Honey wine, with a slight citrus taint.
On me: That, plus a bit of cinnamon stick. Nice full mulled wine.

SCATTERED GLOOM: Dry olibanum, opoponax, mandrake accord, black currant, and opium pod.
In bottle: Olibanum and opoponax, with the slightest hint of currant...
On me: Dry a a currant-scattered tomb. A great mood-setter.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Lost Girls Pirate Academy shirt, Castle Blood sweatpants and hoodie.
Reading: Upstairs, Eclipse 2; downstairs, The Sun and the Moon: Hoaxers, Showmen, and Lunar Man-Bats in 19th-Century New York, by Matthew Goodman.
Writing: Sekrit Arisia project. Or, well, I ought to be. I need to be.
Planning: Today is a blissfully unclaimed day. Which is good, because I have a lot of chatelaining to do. The weekend is consumed by Girl Scout stuff - solar car race tomorrow, booth sale Sunday.

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