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Story + Cards

The serpent-girl from s00j's song "Carousel" lingered in my brain... and I had to write a story for her. "Fortune" is that story. It will be included in Ravens in the Library.

But this is a special edition of that story! I've teamed up with amazing artist ultralilac to produce a set of the cards the Fortune-Teller in "Fortune" uses to tell the story.

The art will be used in Ravens in the Library, but it'll be black and white. This is your chance to own a copy of the story with gorgeous full-color prints (size negotiable) of the Fortune-Teller's cards, a set of seven, suitable for framing! Bookish gryphons, petulant sphinxes, mourning mermaids, sinister ringmasters, all these and more!

On the day that the carnival heads out of town
leaving no trace, just a music box melody running down
would you caravan at my side, my love, will you ride?

Bidding starts at $25 and runs til midnight, Thursday, January 15. Click here to bid!

(note: custom story by me also up for auction; that one runs out at midnight tonight.)
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