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Tew's Day!

Hello to new reader meredyd!

Woke up at 5 yesterday, and ended up sleeping for four hours in the middle of the day. Woke up at 4 today.


I am not amused.

And I've basically felt like an invalid for several days now. Thank goodness my pain levels haven't matched my fatigue levels.

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Fortunes Told, Questions Answered
When I see you in person what do I call you?
'song. Or Shira, which is pronounced with an "e" not an "i" - think the Princess of Power.

When you and Adam fight, what is that like? You don't talk about that much, but married couples are bound to argue. How do you work things out?
Lots of talking. We're talkers. He only rarely gets angry.... he gets tense Which is more difficult for me, actually, because I am given to brief yelly fights, and I have to squash that impulse to deal with tense!Adam. It's rare, though. Adam and I have been best friends for 13 years; we're pretty much two halves of the same person by now, and it shows.

How sexually free do you feel these days???
Hm. Hm, I say. I suppose the answer is that I feel constrained by how free I am perceived to be. Does that make sense? The more promiscuous I am perceived to be, the less promiscuous I become, and I've become somewhat guarded in that respect.

Would you, could you, with a mouse? Would you, could you, in a house?
I would not, could not, with a mouse! I would not, could not, in a house!

Link Soup
* DIY Mr. Fusion.
* LiveJournal's in trouble. Must be Tuesday.
* Hey, people going to Arisia! kimeepower has a spare membership and room in her hotel room, if anyone needs...

Daily Science
Astronomers have turned to an unexpected place to study the evolution of planets -- dead stars. Observations made with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope reveal six dead "white dwarf" stars littered with the remains of shredded asteroids. This might sound pretty bleak, but it turns out the chewed-up asteroids are teaching astronomers about the building materials of planets around other stars.

Daily BPAL

METAL PHOENIX: Tenacity, force, strength, stability, and determination: Chinese musk and gleaming white metal with honeysuckle, rose mallow, verbena, and carnation.
In bottle: Rose mallow is interesting, and thankfully overwhelms the verbena.
On me: Sweet and not overfloral. I'm not getting the metal, but it's still nice.

WOOD PHOENIX: Flexibility, cooperation, expansiveness, and altruism: Chinese musk and five woods with newly budding bamboo shoots, hyssop, chamomile, pink clove, magnolia, walnut, and fig.
In bottle: Oh hai luscious juicy dirty fig.
On me: Oh, this is delicious. As described above, plus some musk. Want.

CANDY PHOENIX: A dusky, yet effervescent mix of pomegranate and black currant candies, with a dusting of sugared pear and white apple.
In bottle: Too sweet. The tang of pomegranate as an aftersmell is promising, though.
On me: Oh hey, there's the pomegranate and currant! Juicylicious.

Finish edits on "Fortune", and start 'em on "Flying Lessons". Outline that Arisia project. (Can you tell I lost my entire yesterday?) Get some cleaning and filing done in my office - create a file for contracts. I have contracts! I'm mailing two today! That just doesn't get old.

Diesel this afternoon. I have missed you, Boston friends.
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