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Con attendance poll: January/February

Yes! I will be at


* Your best shots at connecting with me at Arisia are my reading (Sat. 4:30pm) and Kyth's-and-my party (Sun. 8pm-midnight). I don't have anything scheduled after my reading, so I'm up for just congregating in the hallway with those of you who show up (Hugh, you had better!) and eventually wandering towards dinner. Arisia roommate: asim.
* I'm not on panels at Vericon; just hanging out. :)
* Not sure if I'm on panels at Boskone yet; I'll at least have a reading in the Dragon's Den, where I will once again strive to be appropriate for Children of All Ages. Seeking roommates!
* I'll do panels at Wicked Faire, if we can figure out what they are. (Jeff says "Come talk about whatever you like to talk about!") Looking for a ride there. Roommates: Spooky, Hugh, Hugh's ladyfriend.

Yes, I know the Flea is in February. They've scheduled it opposite Boskone. Because apparently they think kinky people don't read? I don't know. I'd still love to go to the Flea sometime, but I'd rather go to Boskone.
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