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Happy birthday to pnh, regyt, and tobias_buckell!

Hello to new and returning readers beagley, dhimahi, dormouse_in_tea, lisakit, loba, natf, and the_elfster!

Hovering above half-dead. I'm very deliberately marking today as a Recovery Day.

Save our S00j Raffle at Arisia!
In brief: Barfleet's letting me turn part of their raffle into a s00j benefit. Yay! Check out what we have so far, and let me know if you can contribute something, over here!

Quiet Glee
I have my contributor copies of the issue of Electric Velocipede that I'm in. *hugs lovely perfect-bound magazine with her name on the back and her poem in it*

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Anyone have any fan art for any of the pieces? I'd love some more art for the PDF/chapbook thingie...

Speaking of which.
feste_sylvain has written Mac the Quantum Unicorn PI fanfic. I kinda love it.

Gift Swap
Gift swap people! Who has their stuff? Who doesn't?

Nudge the Story-Girl
What do you want me to write?

I got some good work done on the Telenias story on the plane, and did a review of what I had written on the Shayara site last year. Much of it's usable. I'd been pushing it pretty much out of my mind, since as I was writing it all of my plans for the site and the art were falling down around my ears, so.. negative associations. :( But no. This is workable.

I think that I would like to do Shayara-by-subscription. I'll be sure to get at least a few chapters done before I get that started, though... I don't want to fall into the trap I did last year of being perpetually behind and turning in work I found substandard just to make a deadline.

Daily Science
ABHAY ASHTEKAR remembers his reaction the first time he saw the universe bounce. "I was taken aback," he says. He was watching a simulation of the universe rewind towards the big bang. Mostly the universe behaved as expected, becoming smaller and denser as the galaxies converged. But then, instead of reaching the big bang "singularity", the universe bounced and started expanding again.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Donut pajamas.
Reading: The Ghost in Love, by Jonathan Carroll (downstairs); The Ogre's Wife, by Richard Parks (upstairs); Andersen's Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Anderson (Kindle).
Writing: The last WTD of this round. The Telenias story. An Arisia sekrit project.
Planning: Heh. A nap, really. Also I need to figure out how I'm doing the WTD .pdf/chapbook thing, and I need to figure that out this weekend, because a physical copy's got to be ready by Arisia, for the s00j raffle. Will be seeing swashbucklr tomorrow, yay. :) Have an invite to a party tomorrow, but may be too worn out to attend. We shall see.

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