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Back home, and with excellent news...

My friend tonysalieri is the Chief Relaxation Officer of the UBS Shameless, the Northeast branch of Barfleet. I met him at PiCon, and he asked if I'd contribute something to their raffle. The raffle's usually just to support Barfleet and their awesome con parties. I said sure.

And then the events of the last few weeks, and...

Long story short - part of Barfleet's Arisia-party raffle this year will be an SJ Tucker benefit. (Dear SJ: Arisians love you already!)

All proceeds from my Wind Tunnel Dreams chapbook will go to the saveours00j fund. And here is where it gets better.

Dear writers, dear crafters, dear everyone who makes stuff or does stuff: please throw something in to be raffled for s00j! If enough people do, the UBS Shameless will donate not just the amount raised with SJ-specific donations, but will donate from their proceeds!


Here. I'll let tonysalieri give full details; everything below the line is him.

As you know, The UBS Shameless, the Northeast chapter ship of Barfleet, will be returning to Arisia to provide hospitality over the weekend, after our triumphant first year. As Chief Relaxation Officer, I've been trying to improve some of the things we've done, and in that vein, I want to bring something important up.

As some of you know, one of the ways that we as a (very) non-profit group go about funding ourselves is through a prize raffle held at our Saturday night party. I'm pleased to say that we've taken some feedback from last year, and have made two big changes, one of which I think people will really enjoy in general, and will hopefully become standard practice, and one that is very special and specific to Arisia, and to one particular Arisia-participant in general.

1) We are going to be trying out a system that I call a "Ferengi-Style Raffle". Unlike last year, where you bought tickets, entered the drawing, and hoped that you just HAPPENED to have your ticked pulled when we were drawing for a prize you just HAPPENED to want, we are going to put ticket submission boxes down for each and every prize. The upshot: you only participate in the drawings for the prizes you really want. Bought five tickets, and there is only one item you really want? Put all five tickets in for that prize. Bought ten tickets, and there are only three items that strike your fancy? Spread your tickets between those three. We're giving YOU the control!

2) It very recently came to my attention that s00j, who is going to be Music GoH for Arisia next year, has been hit with a massive amount of medical bills for health problems she's recently had to deal with. In this time of economic woe, I think it's more important, now than ever, to come together as a community and help each other out. With that in mind, I am currently working with shadesong and the Captain of the Shameless to try and set up a charitable fundraiser that's associated with our raffle. Ideally, if we got enough donated items from interested dealers, artists, and so forth, we would be willing and able to donate half of the entire take to the cause, even including items that we ourselves previously purchased for the purposes of raffling away.

If you are at all interested in donating an item for the raffle, please contact Shadesong and I. I know some of you dealers at Arisia have already been approached by me about doing "sponsorship", where we help promote your business at our party raffle in exchange for an item. Now, if things work out, you'll also be helping to donate to a great cause, close to home, with your donation.

Feel free to spread this around as you see fit.

-TS, aka Liften "Noodles" Kherry, Chief Relaxation Officer, UBS Shameless.

('song again. What else should I raffle off? BPAL, date with me...)

EDIT: If you're nonlocal and want to donate, e-mail me at shadesong AT for my mailing address. Keep in mind that Arisia starts January 16, so your item must be here by the 15th! We're staying at the con hotel, so seriously, no exceptions. Locals can give me items at Diesel on Tuesdays or at the con, or just drop stuff by the house.

So far:
* CDs by s00j!
* Autographed set of Orphan's Tales books by catvalente and companion CDs by s00j, autographed
* Wind Tunnel Dreams chapbook, one of a very limited close-friends-and-family run.
* Jewelry by Wyrding Studios
* Decorative globe by mizarchivist
* Jewelry by sheistheweather
* SoulCollage workshop with kimeepower
* Books and a CD by kradical:
STAR TREK: MIRROR UNIVERSE: SHARDS AND SHADOWS, signed by some of the authors
DOCTOR WHO: SHORT TRIPS: THE QUALITY OF LEADERSHIP, signed by the editor and some of the authors
MANY A SLEEPLESS KNIGHT by the Boogie Knights, signed by the artists
* Jewelry by devvieish
* Pottery donated by minor_architect
* Tarot readings by batshua
* Jewelry by lyssabard
* Decoupaged box by [Bad username: jennythereader"]
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