Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

January to-do list

* Finish this week's Wind Tunnel Dreams (today's was posted at 12:01am - scroll back!)
* Project for Ziggurat Labs.
* Flyer materials for Arisia.
* Story for winner of saveours00j auction.
* December story commissions (bodhifox, tigerbright, felicia).
* Telenias/Katrina story - I need to get that off my desk, y0.
* "Maxfield Parrish Blue"
...and if I have time before February, a headlong dive into Places You Haunt.

* "Fortune"
* The giant WTD PDF

Web Maintenance
* Move the last few months' WTD onto, and also put the Shayara ones up on
* Change sites over to WordPress?

* Need haircut, as hair is driving me insane again.
* Need to meet with emilytheslayer to plan the Arisia party.

And also Arisia, and Girl Scout cookie season, and lots of doctor appointments, and BARCC stuff (I'm going to be in two videos for them! plus speaking engagements), and... January's packed. February, I need to get started on my next Wyrding Studios collaboration, as that's a huge project - but I'm not even gonna try to think about getting it done in January. (Not announcing the big KythCollabs yet, but if you come to our party at Arisia, we'll tell you all about them. There may even be prototypes.)

I need to figure out what to do with Wind Tunnel Dreams this year. Because I want to do a subscriber-only story that spans the year, as a way of having a steady flow of income; I'm trying to figure out what would work for that. Potentially Shayara: Act One. Because y'all, I love writing Shayara, but it's not making me any money. We're a single-income family in an expensive town, and I pay $200/month for my meds alone; I have got to focus on stuff that makes me money. Hence WTD. If we can figure out a way for Shayara to generate some money, I'll be able to not feel guilty about devoting time to it.

Anyway. I began this year as I mean to continue: writing Shayara. *decisive nod*

(But oh, Lord, my January...)
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