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Save Our S00j!

Earlier this month, the SF/F community banded together to help one of our own when she became a victim of the subprime mortgage collapse. helpvera generated enough money to save Vera Nazarian's house and fix her broken sewer line, and was a testament to the good that we can all do when we band together.

I think one of the things that brought Vera's plight close to home, so to speak, was that it could have happened to any of us. And here's another thing that, in this economy, could happen to any of us.

On December 20th, the debilitating abdominal pain s00j had been experiencing for a while got bad enough to send her to the emergency room. There followed a five-day hospital stay, lots of diagnostic procedures, et cetera...

Have I mentioned that s00j is a travelling musician and has no health insurance?

As things stand, her medical bills could total $25,000 - $30,000.

Seriously. Look at your next insurance statement. Last CT scan I had, the hospital billed $6K. She had one of those, and may need another, as the first was inconclusive. She may need surgery.

"Lady Vagabond" has become one of my totem songs. Go here to see why it's one of hers, too.

In this world, we need art and music and wonder more than ever.

We have got to support the people who bring it to us.

SJ's CDs are currently on sale for $10 each. I've been asked which I recommend for SJ-neophytes... that depends! Blessings is her newest, and it's perfect for you pagans. :) Fans of Cat Valente's Orphan's Tales books will want the companion CDs, For the Girl in the Garden and Solace and Sorrow. I love Sirens and Tangles best all-around, and Elayna's hooked on Tangles; she also has two live CDs that are totally worthwhile if only for the achingly beautiful "Light Leak" on Tales from the Road.

What else can you do?

Since an LJ community with auctions and sales is proven to work, omnisti and I started one: saveours00j! Go bid on and buy all manner of shinies, goods and services. I can't begin to sum up. Look and be amazed. I'm working on a project that'll hit that in late January. In the meantime, all sponsors, donors, and purchasers will get the big .pdf of this year's Wind Tunnel Dreams stories.

You can also sponsor SJ directly; sponsors get access to recordings of SJ's amazing concerts. One of which includes Elayna! So Elayna fans, get in on that. :)

Regardless of whether you can afford much or anything right now, please spread the word far and wide. Go listen to her music and share it with your friends! Donate something to saveours00j!

Go forth and help make this world a better place. s00j does.
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