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As it stands right now. I'm tremendously overbooked!

10am: Creating, Maintaining, and Respecting Boundaries (Teen Track)
4:30pm: Reading

Noon: Sexual Politics and Problems at Conventions
5:00pm: The Power of Myth
6:00pm: Criss-crossing Genres
7:00pm: Art and Illness

8:00pm-midnight: Our party!
"Masks and Memories
Shira Lipkin and Kythryne Aisling Linari
Read Shira's story at, then come as you are, as you were, as you wanted to be. Masks and costumes encouraged, but not required."

2:00pm: Good Guys Wear Black: The Villain as Protagonist

This excludes the scattering of panels I'd declined interest in but was put on anyway, and, well, some changes should be made.

*Why* are all of the good panels on Sunday? Argh. I know I have to drop three of those. Three's my max in a day. I've suggested combining the two Teen Track panels, as BARCC's program for those is fairly similar and can easily be combined. But. Six panels and then a four-hour party isn't just a stupid attempt for me to make with my pain and fatigue issues, it's flat-out impossible.

EDIT: Misogyny in Comics: One Year Later cancelled by request of all three panelists, who know that no one's going to come to a Saturday 9pm panel on misogyny when all of the parties are happening.

Also? I need an assistant.

ALSO EDIT: Fixing is in process...
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