Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

This is psychologically fascinating, if only to me.

I tend to be the guy in my relationships. (Yes, Adam is the chick.)

So. When, as today, I am the girl... feels like a form of kink.



I'll be studying this one for a while. It's bringing me to study how I define gender roles. I have always said, half-but-only-half joking, "No, I'm a boy!" I'm not actively trans. It's just that there is that in me that defines itself as Boy and as Not-A-Girl (these are two separate things), and I can be that at the same time as I enjoy the Rack of Doom and the whole multiple orgasm thing.

So what is it to be masculine, in my subconscious brain, and what is it to be feminine? And to find that that odd familiar feeling I have when being The Girl maps to the feeling I have during BDSM play...

Like I said. Fascinating. Merits study.

Two completely unrelated things!

1. The last Wind Tunnel Dreams week of the year starts tomorrow. I have no idea yet what I'm writing. We'll see what falls out of my head.

2. As some of you know, s00j was recently hospitalized and is still undergoing diagnostic treatment, and may require surgery. As a travelling bard, she is uninsured. So. They need to raise $25K.

Yeah. Dude.

So K and I started saveours00j. I encourage you to go there to find lots of ways to help. There will be a more eloquent post about this tomorrow. I seriously have had like 15 minutes of online time in the last 72 hours, so I just want to jump in and throw that out. Got $WINTERHOLIDAY money? Buy s00j CDs! Doing belated $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping? Buy s00j CDs!

I will now go for a walk. Tomorrow, WTD. Also maybe I'm having a poem published tomorrow. I'll let you know. :)
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