Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Charlie Brown with the football

I should be packing. Instead, I am snuggling my cat.

*snuggles teh Max*

So warm and soft and purry.

Which is what I need after my parents screwed me over again.

Their big gift to Elayna was supposed to be Cirque du Soleil; Elayna's obsessed, and there's a permanent Cirque installation in Orlando. Well. The put off getting tickets, and now the 26th is sold out. They suggested the 25th - which would've meant that the birthfamily couldn't come, because they kinda have a tradition for that day. I worked it out so we had a way to make that happen. Go me.

So today, they say they don't want to take us away from the birthfamily so early (which is kinda horseshit), and that they wouldn't take us back to spend the 26th with them. So. Argh. They suggested going to Disney on the 26th. Which is... we *like* Disney. But we have *done* Disney. And Elayna's obsessed with Cirque and has never had the chance to see it live.

Do you see how these two things are different? They don't.

(And I know Disney's huge if you've never been or don't go regularly. But. We are Floridian; to us, Disney's what you do when you're in Orlando and bored. It's nice and all, but it's not a destination. Plus I'd need a wheelchair again, and I hate doing Disney in a wheelchair. No, I don't need it for the whole jaunt, but generally when my body abruptly fails me it's way far away from the wheelchair rental place, so it's prudent to just get the chair as we enter.)


Also? Cirque's playing in Miami. Will they take her once they get her down there? Nah. Because they've already seen it.

*grits teeth* But. Your granddaughter. Who loves loves loves circus arts. HASN'T.



So. 'k. On second phone call, have gotten Dad to consider taking her in Miami, just the two of them. It's Corteo, not Nouba; she's seen Corteo on DVD, but the live experience is probably awesomer. I just wish she could see Nouba in Orlando, which would be Something New.

They also do not see the difference between seeing live something that one has previously seen on DVD, and seeing something entirely new. They just do not see it. They baffle me.

And honestly, at this point, with the dissolution of my big travel plans the week after Christmas (friends availability is not so much), I may just go down with them. I don't know.


*snuggles cat until he squeaks indignantly*

EDIT: Other idea = keeping Elayna an extra day in Orlando and seeing it on 12/27, if we can crash with Bret & Wendy and catch a bus to FLL from there. Other other idea = seeing Corteo in Miami with friends. Have e-mailed all possibly-available friends.

ALSO EDIT: Another phone call from them. Now they don't want to take her to Corteo at all. Since she's already seen it on DVD.

I'm trying to think of a single time they haven't yanked the football away. Can't manage it. Y'know, I just wanted something awesome and unique and special for my Cirque-obsessed daughter. My parents' response? "You can't always get everything you want." Thank you. I think I fucking well know that. *aggrieved sigh*
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