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I'm flying down to Florida on Sunday, and my internet access will be sporadic while I'm there - busy daytimes! So I'm going to wish a happy birthday to ioianthe and tbclone47 today, and a happy birthday in advance to ahf, alankria, eugie, fortunavirilis, ineffabelle, lightgatherer, lizardling, lordrexfear, mycroft, sbisson, talix18, vash137, vodou_chile, and wolfieboy, who all advance a year while I'm away!

The meds are knocking me for a loop, but they appear to be having an effect. (And I am otherwise fine.)

No Link Soup
I am a full day behind on LJ and Google Reader, so no link soup, alas.

For all those times you wished you could smell like a burger without the hassle of getting a real burger, Burger King has the thing for you: FLAME body spray.

The WHOPPER® sandwich is America's Favorite burger. FLAME™ by BK® captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame broiled meat.

The website is hypnotic.

Arisia Party
I would like to assign a party deputy. Because I'm going to be insanely busy with a full slate of programming and a reading and whatnot. So if you're not planning to be on many or any panels and could help with party setup, let me know. :)

Ill be wandering around Florida December 28-31. If you want to see me/let me crash on your couch/drive me to my next destination, let me know! The plan is to get from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale. *nod*

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Victoria's Secret long-seeved blousy nightie. Skull kneesocks.
Reading: The Ogre's Wife by ogre_san, part of my booty from the helpvera auction.
Writing: I have not writen at all this week. That's what you get when you shoehorn a month's worth of social interaction and obligation into one week. I look forward to grabbing writing time out by the pool next week...
Planning: I have no actual plans. I'd like to do a little more holiday shopping today - I have coupons for Marmalade (within walking distance) and Magpie (in Davis Square). I may not get to Magpie, but I should get out to Marmalade. *nod* I'd thought I was flying out Saturday, but it is in fact Sunday, so I have a more relaxed Saturday ahead of me. Packing, of course, and getting caught up on TiVoed shows. But no evening plans. And Sunday we fly down to my birthfamily, yay.

And Elayna's school is doing early release due to anticipated snow, which means my writing time cus off at noon instead of 2. So. I should jump on that.

And you?
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