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Received via devoken:

"I am seeking your help in finding adults with seizure disorders (epilepsy) and/or their caregivers for a 45-minute interview in the greater Boston area in January - with a $100 stipend.

1) If you know of someone who might qualify (yourself or someone else), please contact or have them contact Debbie Simon at or (617) 218-0303. We are able to pay a referral bonus of $25 if you refer someone who participates.

2) If you can forward this e-mail to people or groups you know -- your friends, relatives or colleagues, Facebook friends -- who might know of people who qualify, we would be greatly appreciative.

. $100 stipend!
· In Waltham on January 19 or 20
· Help with transportation may be available
· Talk with an interviewer for 45-60 minutes about one's experience with epilepsy
· The purpose of study is to learn how epilepsy (seizure disorder) impacts their lives
. This is not a sales attempt - no attempts to sell you anything before, during or after the interview
· No medical procedures involved
· Who can participate? Adults 18 or older and/or their caregivers:

* Patient must still have seizures
* Be on medication for seizures

Contact Debbie at 617-218-0303 or e-mail"

Anyone else out there Tell them I referred you!
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