Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to jetshade!

Still dragging awful fatigue. Feh. And I keep waking up stupid early, which is Not Helping.

I fail at internet-free, as mizarchivist pointed out. But! My posts were all drive-by "oh, hey, I've had this sitting around" things. They were another type of housecleaning.

The chatelaine is in.
I did have quite a lot of success in the chatelaine department yesterday. Particularly in clearing off the bookshelves, which accumulate lots of shiny little things. And in the kitchen. Progress is being made in the office; the linkposting was actually part of that, as I'd had a sheaf of pages on gifts-that-give-back torn out of various magazines cluttering up my desk. More work in the office is merited. I get more writing done if I'm not distracted by all the Stuff I Gotta Do, and I think my nesting and tidying is a touch of clearing the stage for a fresh new year. (I have stuff coming out in January, February, and March!)

I have heard that they are scheduling panels this week. So hopefully, dear panelists, you'll soon know what you're on.

Speaking of Arisia, you want to go to Kyth's-and-my party. Trust me. ;) You also want to go to the Ziggurat Labs party... you might get an interesting surprise there...

Gift Swap!
Have you mailed your gift swap package yet? You should get on that. I need to get the last few things gathered up for my person. *nod*

Daily Science
Oooh, dark matter.

I need to organize myself re: writing projects. Bunch of little things. Bunch of medium-size things. I ned to sit my ass down and work on Places You Haunt. *Anyway*. sindrian is coming over today, and a visit to the Museum of Science may be in the offing. Tonight is Elayna's friends concert. *nod*

...It feels like a Thursday.

Also. Snow!
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