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Wherein cbpotts cracks me up.

Within one of her posts, she digresses in my direction...

And I was getting ready for this, battling with the whole anxiety/people/leaving the house thing.

And then I thought of shadesong. Don't know why, she just popped into my head. And I thought, she's always going to things, and doing things, and is purposely joyful. That woman is flat out determined to enjoy every last little bit of life, no matter what. She believes her life is worth celebrating. I mean, Christ. She can't take a dump without an epic poem, three sonnets, and commemorative artwork resulting.

There, standing in the bathroom (all my great thinking takes place in the bathroom. If I had a computer in there, you'd never have to read this drivel) I thought, Maybe she's right. Maybe life's what you make it. Wring the joy out of every moment and bathe in it: the events are what you bring to them.

And, oh, ladies and gentlemen. She is right.

Emphasis mine. I am still giggling.
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