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Odin's Day, which is kind of a Friday this week

Happy birthday to batshua!

Happy early birthday to childofchaos and phantom_wolfboy, who advance a year over the weekend!

Full of ouch. Rationing the Celebrex meant going without yesterday.

A lot of my flailing the past week or so has been the mounting dread over this wedding. Starting tomorrow, I get to spend four days in hell. Emotional abuse levels will be high. It will be physically arduous - I'll be on my feet from early morning to midnight on Saturday.

Breathe, 'song, breathe. And remember that a) you'll have your birthaunt and birthuncle as refuge, and b) after this wedding, you never have to talk to most of these assholes EVER AGAIN.

This is it for crazy aunt and drama-king asshole uncle. This is it for people who sneer about my body, my black sheepitude, my illness, my everything. After Sunday, this is it. Forever and ever, amen.

I just have to get through the relentless four days of 'song-bashing and pain and fatigue first.

I know I've asked this before. I forgot the answer. Anyone know how to get chapbooks printed? Very limited friends-and-family run.

Facebook is silly.
I am mildly addicted to stupid Facebook apps now.

Note: My kid has me friended on Facebook, so please only send me bumper stickers and pieces of flair that're under an R rating, 'k?

And remmber, if you friend me on Facebook, please tell me who you are here! I have 6 friend requests right now that have me scratching my head.

What I want
...for the holidays...

My favorite charity, of course, is the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. I also like Heifer International, and think funding people through Kiva is awesome. Basically, any donation to a good charity is a great gift!

For material goods, I have wishlists at Amazon, ThinkGeek, and BoxedUp. BoxedUp doesn't automatically take stuff off the list, so if you get me anything from there, tell Adam so he can take it off. And don't give me that wary look for wanting something called a Spunky Spice Monkey. It is heat therapy. So there. (Plus, y'know, monkey.)

That said, mix CDs are great - I always love new music! And used copies of books on my wishlist are just as good as new. And, as I've said before, the absolute best gift is one you made.

Link Soup
* I always wanted a dollhouse.
* Proposition 8: The Musical!
* Strange endangered animals.
* Separating work from home when you work from home. Very timely!
* Damn you, Ferrett - now I want these!
* I still want to live in merovingian's world.

Daily Science
The Science of Pain.

Daily BPAL

Tabella: The voting tablet. Herbs and flowers that represent democracy, justice, leadership, and power: olive blossom, frankincense, tobacco flower, benzoin, Little John, bergamot, galangal, angelica, fig, sage, and ginger.
In bottle: Tobacco flower, frankincense, benzoin. Very light.
On me: The same. This doesn't do much on me - sad 'song!

In bottle: Honey and something fruity.
On me: Fruitiness flares - but then subsides, leaving a gorgeous strong honey. I'm in love...

In bottle: Sharp and cologney.
On me: Same. Goes spicy, though - clove and citrus? But still very man's man.

Mourning Moon: Chinese musk, wisteria, white grapefruit, calla lily, violet leaf, orange, gaiac wood, balsam of Peru, and Florentine iris.
In bottle: Augh! Something that makes me recoil. Swampy.
O me: This is some strong rot right there. *cough* *cough*

Thank you thank you Beth & Puddin' for the Democrat!

Agh. Shower, write - today's project is the flipside of the recent Shayara WTD. Most of you voted for spoilers. Those of you who voted against, I'll give it to you with the spoiler excised. Note that this is a thing you're not meant to know til the second half of Act Three, so you can change your vote if you want...

Then I have to pack. *sigh* I hate packing.
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