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kythryne says: "This is probably a long shot, but… do any of you have access to a letterpress or other printing press, and if so, would you be willing and able to print one page of plain text and get it in my hands by the morning of December 12th? I can pay in shinies — either a piece from the series for which it would be used, or custom work.

Please email me ( if this is something you can do. Thanks!"

And... if you like my work, you want this piece. That is all the hinting I will do for now. :)

And another signal boost! Bostonian skiffy writers:

The Art of Genre
Using the unreal in your fiction offers unique opportunities to break fresh, new ground. This class will help hone the tools you'll need to write genre fiction--be it science fiction, fantasy, or horror--with a distinctly literary bent. In addition to the weekly workshopping of short stories and novel fragments, students will be given a background on the genres' histories and their respective subgenres, strategies for using surrealism and postmodernism in their work, approaches to using "real world" research as a way to flesh out otherworldly settings and narratives, and ways to use the unreal as a tool to make metaphoric statements that can only be articulated with fantastic trappings. Other topics covered will be strategies for marketing your work, techniques for idea generating, and protocols for developing their work with the help of editors and agents. The goal is to give you a solid grounding in the demands of fantastic fiction, and a better understanding of literary potential of your favorite genres.

$425/$400 members
10 Sundays in Boston, 6pm – 9pm. Begins January 18th
Instructor: Michael Marano
Registration Deadline: January 13th

I have it on good authority that this class rocks. *nod*

Now I go gather my stuff for Diesel.
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