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Happy birthday to gows!

Hello to new reader tnjade!

I have been getting inadequate sleep, so... tired and some ache. Not awful, though.

Am verra sad, as Spooky's already home and harkalark and Gwyn are in their cab zooming off to the airport. I suspect that this will be a mopey day.

I have a story I need to get done by tomorrow. Then the Alanna thing and commissioned stories for tigerbright, bodhifox, and felician_logic. Commission people: when do you need yours by? Is next week okay? I only have three working days this week, and one will be half-consumed by packing;I want to make sure I do good stuff for you.

People who read WTD
What do you most want to see me expand?

Daily Science
Triple Helix: Designing a New Molecule of Life
Peptide nucleic acid, a synthetic hybrid of protein and DNA, could form the basis of a new class of drugs—and of artificial life unlike anything found in nature.

Daily BPAL

Badger: Warm earth, deep-reaching roots, dark myrrh, galangal, and Atlas cedar.
In bottle: Earth + galangal = warm dark love.
On me: The galangal comes out even more, nestled in rich soil, dusted with myrrh. Happy 'song.

Mole: Antiqued sandalwood, patchouli, and soft mosses.
In bottle: Headshop, but from the outside.
On me: More mossy than headshoppy, thank goodness!

Nowhere in Particular: The scent of a moonlit night on the road, orchards in the distance, and swirling dust.
In bottle: Ozoney.
On me: Yeah. Harsh ozone.

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn: Sublime peace, ecstatic joy, and thunderstruck awe: terebinth pine, patchouli, brown musk, linden blossom, honey, mallow, blood orange, heliotrope, and golden amber.
In bottle: A confusion of scent! Mostly resin/floral.
On me: In really all blends. It is sweet and full. And... there comes the orange. Dammit.

Today is all writing, save for the trip to UPS/USPS to get Spooky her keys back. I hope to see feste_sylvain this evening.
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