Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


We are entering crunch time. I'll be out of state for about 3/4 of December.

You read that right.

So when I am pushing you about needing to know whether or not we're getting together for lunch on the 12th or at date on the 16th like now, please accept that I really do need to know now. Because I'm trying to pack my usual month of interaction into like a week and a half, and that time slot could go to someone else if you keep dragging your heels about things. On that note also - if you make plans with me, you not keeping them will earn you double or triple penalties in my brainmeats just now, because I could've spent that time with someone else I really want to see but nudged off the schedule for you.

Also, I will get very little writing time in December, and I have a *lot* to do. So if I've accidentally left myself logged on Gchat and you say hi and I say "Hi, I'm working" - or if you know in some other way that I'm working - the thing to do is say "'k, ttyl", not pepper me with conversational bullets and actively keep me from working. (This is not you last night, SJ - I was hauled off track before we talked!)

*buries head in hands* Okay. Breathe. I can breathe.

(And yes, someone hit *all three* of those buttons in the last 24 hours, is why I'm breathing fire.)

So yes. I want to see you. I have little time. Please don't screw me over. That is all.
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