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Definitely sufficient interest, so let's do this thing!

Sign up by answering these questions in an e-mail to me entitled "Gift Swap". Please, with the title. I don't want to misplace your e-mail! You will be assigned a person (on Friday, let's say). Send them some niftiness.

Important note: this is a budget gift swap. I'm looking for things in the range of $10-$15, with $15 being the maximum. This is for the folks who can't afford to do the huge elaborate switch witch/secret santas, or who don't have the energy or time.

Handmade stuff is just fine - a lot of you are wonderful craftspeople! Store-bought is also good. Used books and mix CDs are fine. Feel free to get creative with how you can brighten someone's day without breaking the bank!

Here is the form. Please get it to me by Thanksgiving; I'll do assignments on Friday. Have fun!

LJ Name:
Meatspace name:
E-mail address:
Mailing address:
Willing to ship internationally?:
General likes:
General dislikes:
Favorite books/music/movies:
Allergies/food sensitivities:
Jewelry - gold-tone or silver-tone? Do you have any allergies to metal?:
Pierced ears, stretched ears, neither?:
Ring/wrist/preferred necklace size:
Anything inexpensive that would particularly make your day?:
Anything else we should know?

(For that last one, for example: I'll be out of town Dec. 4-8 and 21-31, so please, nothing perishable!)

Ask any questions below, but please submit forms via e-mail to shadesong AT :)

EDIT: And now you have a message board to communicate with your giftee or gifter!
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