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Happy birthday to elynne!

Hello to new readers bikutoria, madronn, and minor_architect!

Still itchin'. My doctor was supposed to call something in for me on Friday. He did not do so. So today I get to call and harass him. Painwise and fatiguewise.... mild to moderate. I'll need to pace myself this week. I spent Saturday on the couch, pretty much, but got a lot done around the house yesterday.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
A good week. :) I'll be writing the Alanna stuff later today, and hope to get it to sponsors by tomorrow morning.

Stuff to read
Missing WTD? dulcinbradbury is doing something very much like it. Stop by her LJ and enjoy!

Link Soup
* For Doctor Who fans: don't close your eyes; don't even blink.
* An excellent uncluttering article by Bruce Sterling. I'm currently trying to follow this advice, and it's hard! But I want to only have things in my life that are useful and make me happy. I think maybe I'll make a goal of one big eBaying a month.
* The Glue Society. Beautifully weird and weirdly beautiful.
* For Revolutionary Girl Utena fans: Nanami?
* The Facebook of Genesis. :)
* Just subscribe to Dark Roasted Blend, k?
* iSerenity streaming audio environments.
* The impact of the economic crunch on SF cons.

Daily Science
SCIENTISTS have developed a Star Wars-style "light sabre" that could fight cancer cells. The device could be routinely used on patients within the next five years, according to the researchers. The machine - a couple of millimetres square - fires a laser beam so accurately that it can puncture a hole in an individual cell, allowing drugs to enter and do their work much more effectively. It could mean, for example, that the cells surrounding the spot where a tumour has been removed by surgery would be holed by the device.

Daily BPAL
dark_blade still has room in her Inquisition circle - get in on that!

On Darkness: black poppy, lavender, thick black incense, black amber, rose geranium, Brazilian rosewood, and benzoin.
In bottle: Very dark poppy and benzoin.
On me: Oh, hey, there's the lavender. Lavender, poppy, and smoke. This feels like the kind of sleep that it's hard to pull yourself out of...

Perchta: Her scent is a blend of wild musk, snow, and alpine flora: Nigritella lithopolitanica, aconite, crocus, touch-me-not, edelweiss, Iris variegate, and violet.
In bottle: Thanks to the florals, this is very springlike to me.
On me: Now it goes to musk and snow. Flowers are hiding.

There's a Certain Slant of Light: Thin, tinny ozone with frankincense, white sandalwood, white amber, hyssop, bitter violet leaf, and shadowy wisps of smoke.
In bottle: Clean. Thank you, ozone. Clean, but light.
On me: Sandalwood and sweet.

Packing up BPAL, wrapping $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts, finishing shopping for Miss Kid, going grocery shopping, writing the Alanna thing, keeping up with a heavy housecleaning regimen. Tonight is a BARCC meeting.
Tuesday, I get my hair restriped and take Gwyn around Harvard Square, ending up at Diesel.
Wednesday, we have lunch with lbitw. I don't know what else. I suspect things will crop up. And Wednesday evening, Spooky and harkalark arrive!
Thursday is one of my favorite days of the year.
Friday, leftovers at swashbucklr's.
Saturday, hanging out with Kyth & Amy.
Sunday, utter collapse.

(See, you've got to make sure you schedule the collapse. That way, when you start to collapse, you can sternly caution yourself that you ought not to rearrange the schedule.)

Right now, I await Gwyn's awakening. *awaits*
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