Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

poetry Sunday

l.a. bacchantes
by francesca lia block

yxta and francesca decided to start a clique
for frail but surprisingly strong fairies who had lost their way above ground
for burned mermaids and sick vampire girls
for wild wolfish women with sharp teeth and leaves in their hair
for women who had been raped
and women who had never been touched
for women who had been devoured limbs eaten
and women who had sucked the blood of their passive mates
for ladies who had at one time or another considered themselves hideous monsters
and who had at other times blinded their lovers with goddess glory
for smart hungry sad creatures who disguised themselves as women
and wept in secret because they did not look like supermodels
for loud lascivious funny femmes fatales
who wanted to eat flowers and whipped cream
and dance on the tables
smash things and wear pieces of the chandelier for jewelry
fuck satyrs and lick dark chocolate off each other's bodies
be worshipped online and flirted with at parties and glimpsed
in the pages of vanity fair in an article entitled "l.a. bacchantes"
but mostly just needed each other

yxta and francesca had always desired world peace and profound romance
but this clique wish seemed somewhat selfish maybe superficial and greedy
they did not yet know how significant it was
no different really from the peace and love they had been born wanting
and perhaps would change not only themselves but
the world
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