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Happy birthday to weds!

Happy early birthday to queenbookwench, who advances a year over the weekend!

Cortisone cream avails me not. Still beset by argh. Will call doctor today.

Alleges to predict your Myers-Briggs type based on your blog. What I find interesting is how much it differs from blog to blog. Wind Tunnel Dreams is an ESFP (performer); Shayara is an ISFP (artist). I am allegedly an ESTP (doer). I have never scored as any of these on a Myers-Briggs test; I'm generally xNFx.

Link Soup
* Because everybody should be able to tie the knot.
* Coloring-book wallpaper. I want!
* Another reason Obama > Bush - you just know Bush never surprised Cheney with birthday cupcakes.
* Eating well for the holidays despite food-related illness.
* This is so cracked out.

Daily Science
Take a gold sample the size of the head of a push pin, shoot a laser through it, and suddenly more than 100 billion particles of anti-matter appear. The anti-matter, also known as positrons, shoots out of the target in a cone-shaped plasma “jet.”

This new ability to create a large number of positrons in a small laboratory opens the door to several fresh avenues of anti-matter research, including an understanding of the physics underlying various astrophysical phenomena such as black holes and gamma ray bursts.

Daily BPAL
The Magi: An offering of frankincense, gold, and myrrh, with coriander, cumin, ambergris, white wine grape, and vanilla bean.
In bottle: Maybe it's the white wine grape, maybe the coriander. Something is making this smell very unusual. Not chemical, per se, but a bit metallic?
On me: Same note. Fascinating. This is a highly unusual and complex scent that is, alas, not for me.

Nuclear Winter: The ice, desolation and barrenness of nuclear devastation shot through by a beam of radioactive mints.
In bottle: Huh! I was expecting more mint. This is an aftertaste of mint on a field of snow.
On me: Subtle, pretty, very wintery indeed.

Finishing my Shayara WTD. feste_sylvain has the day off, so thee will be much cavorting. Tonight, the Jonathan Coulton concert!
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