Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to magenta_girl and scouseboy!

Lots of fatigue yesterday.

Dudes and dudettes, I am doing Shayara because a bunch of you said you'd sponsor me if I did. I am just sayin'. *looks meaningfully at PayPal*

Mall Of Shadesong
All done! Go shop. I'll be shopping once I do my Thankgiving-dinner shopping. (If you're planning to bring a dish, please say so on the eVite! Also, we have one person with celiac, so if you have an awesome gluten-free dish...)

Link Soup
* Saving short fiction?
* Search LIFE's photo archive!

Daily Science

Daily BPAL

Jacob's Ladder 2008: golden amber, galbanum, benzoin, ambrette, rockrose, costus and tonka.
In bottle: Amber with a touch of floral.
On me: Mostly amber. But still that starchy floral.

Larentalia: cypress, thyme, oleander, crocus, gladiola, amaranth, and myrtle shrouded by herbs and flowers sacred to the Silent One.
In bottle: Cypress, thyme, and myrtle. Mmmm.
On me: Sweetness and trees.

Le Pere Fouettard: Whip leather, coal dust, gaufrette, and black licorice.
In bottle: Licorice + leather = odd!
On me: But it works. Fascinating.

Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills: Skin musk, white sandalwood, balsam fir, frozen black berries, cedar, winter rose, and white amber.
In bottle: The fir lurks behind the skin musk and sandalwood.
On me: The same. Muted winter forest.

WTD, and the writing I've been wanting to tackle: Large Fandom Collider and New Gods, the bonuses for the September WTD. They're the last short pieces on the docket, so I'm excited to clear that and work on longer stuff, but, y'know, when do I have time?

Today's an early release day, so I have Miss Kid from noon onward. We have to pick up our bridesmaid dresses, and she's getting her flu shot. Tonight is date night with Adam. :)
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