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Mall of Shadesong: Art

Wonderful things for your walls!

* anotherjen: "I make collages from pictures I cut out of magazines. Almost all my materials are recycled: even the frames usually come from thrift stores or the curb. (Why recycled materials? Click here!)"

* bitsyboo: "I do pet portraiture! $65 for a black and white on paper (example); $85 for a black and white on scratchboard (example); $85 for a color portrait on paper (example); $100 for color paint on canvas (example). These would all be sized up to 18" x 18". Any size desired larger than that would START at $100 (oversize commissions to be priced on a case by case basis) I work from photographs and will draw any animal!"

* dakabn: "Graphic Designer. Professional site/Personal/Collaborative Writing Site. I have most recently worked with layout for posters and newsletters, but I have done logos, powerpoint presentations, templates, backgrounds, promotional items, etc.I want to list ever possible thing, but I would love to be contacted to work on anything from a logo, poster, web banner, etc. Depending on who you are and what you'll be using it for, I may do it for free. :D (I'm a supporter of small business.) As for needing things for the holidays: I could do greeting cards (print or to email someone), posters, etc. If you want a photo manipulated, that's fun too! You'll have to be responsible for any manual preparation (printing, framing, etc).Contact me with your idea and we'll discuss details."

* ellenmillion: "I'd like to pimp my artists, nearly 200 of them now, and their fantasy and sci fi artwork on a wide range of merchandise, including coloring books (for grownups, too!), prints, mousepads, stickers, calendars, wallets, t-shirts and more! Additionally, if you're looking for character portraits for a truly one-of-a-kind gift for that had-to-shop-for RPG player or writer, consider drafting one of the many talented artists at Portrait Adoption."

* haikujaguar: Buy beauty here.

* ioianthe: "The Uncommon Facade: masks and other custom leather works.
Think masquerade. Think theater. Think SCA. Think blindfold. Think not just masks... there's so much that can be done is sculpted leather. Much of the work that I do is custom or customizable, and I'm happy to work within your budget... Artists? I also consider partial or full trade, especially for items that would make good holiday gifts. :)"

* jadecat9: "I'll pimp my photography. There's my website. I also have some other photos that I don't have on the website yet (because I've been busy) here. These include some wildlife photos etc. If they are on LJ, they can check out some of the photos on my LJ scrapbook (like this one)."

* jnanacandra: "Fire Sea Studios. While I'm not making new art right now due to a back injury, I have lots of prints in stock left over from the summer festival season! My art is centered on fantasy and occult themes, invoking intangible concepts with vivid colors and movement around the human form."

* novelfriend: "Mane Impressions Digital Photography: Let me pimp my good friend Renee Goodwin, who has $Winterholiday cards available, many through equine rescues - so the money goes to help horses in need. She also has some wonderful artsy photos, matted and framed. Many are equine themed, others are not: flowers, landscapes, lighthouses."

* vanuslux: " a photographer. Here is his portfolio. If you live in the Atlanta area, he would love take your portrait. His e-mail is Also, check out his Cafepress store."
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