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Happy birthday to jasmine_koran!

Hello to new reader jennaria!

I have stiffness because of OMG cold, but I've got the fire going, so that should improve. No other pain. And it looks like the snot goblins are almost done migrating.

I wish I could stay longer. I love it here. Alas, real life calls, and I must leave writing-and-art-camp. But I love being here. Is why I was so giggly on last night's impromptu videocam session. I also want to try to knock out Large Fandom Collider and New Gods (far-future version) today, after Shayara WTD. Because I'm crazy, and because I got so much done yesterday, and because it'll be less on my plate. Those are the last small things on my to-do list - the rest is all short stories (starting with "Bound", the Katrina/Telenias story) and novels (starting with Places You Haunt).

Please help our friend.
In the words of eustaciavye, A lot of you know my dear friend dalious. Today I am asking for help on behalf of his mother. She has been unable to work for several years because of medical issues. The details are spelled out in dalious's LJ here.

After working and paying into the system for her entire adult life, my friends mom is being denied mass health, social security, basically any kind of help. That leaves her with no money for bills, food, a place to live... she is staying with family but needs a lot of help.

If you go to the link above you'll see a donation link at the bottom of the page. I'm kicking in what I can, which isn't much, but maybe some of you can help out? Maybe you know of some resource that might help my friend and his mom? He's doing the best he can to help her out but what he can do is not going to be enough.

Oooh - shop ViolentBelle!
ojouchan says "ruggerdavey aka Rachel is a friend of mine from Williams. To this day she is one of the kindest sweetest people I have had the pleasure to know. Rachel teaches in Kentucky, and every year she organizes a Christmas shopping spree for her neediest children. These are often children who are not adequately clothed for the winter weather and who lack even the basic things every child should have to ensure health and happiness. Please if you can spare anything this season please consider giving to someone who is in line to directly give. Here's her post with all the info.

I hereby pledge that 25% of all my sales from today until December 13th will go to Rachel and her wonderful students. There was a time when as a child I went without. I was always taught to share my fortune, and now I shall. So if you can please do."

I was already going to shop there for Elayna. Even more reason!

Link Soup
* Blogs as wunderkammern.
* Star Trek plate covers!
* Um. I has a fanpage. (Thank you, Adam, for being my biggest fan!)

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Materials under development at MIT could lead to coatings that repel both water and oil. A group of MIT researchers have created an improved set of design rules for making any surface impervious to any liquid, be it water or gasoline. Such materials could eventually have promise as fingerprint-repelling coatings, fuel filters, self-washing car paints, and stain-resistant clothing.
* [Researchers at MIT and Harvard] They've found a way to hook synthetic patches to the surface of B and T cells — and to control the movements of those cells with magnetic fields. Armed with these so-called "backpacks," lymphocytes can now identify growing tumors and infections, as well as personally (or cellularly?) deliver treatments to ailing cells. This could be the first crest of a wave of revolutionary new school supplies in the world of tissue engineering.

Writing, working out our December and monthly-through-2009 collaborations (oh, man, do we have a lot to announce), and catching the 3:00 bus back to Boston.
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