Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Talk about perfect timing.

Phone rings. It is my health insurance company's long-term asthma care program; they call every two months to check up on asthmatics.

Them: "How are you doing today?"
Me, calmly: "Not so well. See, I just got this letter from the insurance company saying that they will no longer cover my allergy medicine."
Them: "...oh."
Me: "Yeah. That is going to severely impact my asthma, and my overall respiratory wellness."
Them: "Have you talked to your doctor? Sometimes they can write a letter..."
Me: "Yep, the letter says the doctor can apply for an exemption so I can continue receiving coverage til July 1. But after that, nothing. Because Claritin's available over the counter. But the active ingredient in Claritin doesn't work on me, so I'm pretty screwed."
Them: "Oh."
Me: "And I know that you are not the person in charge of this, so I'm not yelling at *you* or anything. I'm just saying that denying this medication is going to cause problems for your asthma care program in the long run, because a lot of people with allergy-triggered asthma are going to be having a lot of problems."

We continued with my overall asthma and quality-of-life assessment. We concluded with her registering a complaint about the impending denial of medication, and me reassuring her that I'd be hitting member services on my end too.

This has been a day of me being on the phone about untenable crap. But this? The timing was impeccable.
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