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Hello to new reader ringoffire75!

Snot goblins are back this morning. WTF? They are here on alternating days.

I felt mostly okay yesterday. I am a bit dehydrated, I think.

For those who don't read LJ over the weekend
Read this, and help if you can.

The Mall of Shadesong
Posts will begin on Tuesday, I think. I will perhaps do one big post for each subcategory, then highlight a person or two per day in my morning posts.

Grub Street
I survived! And I had the wonderful experience of people I don't know telling me they loved my story. Which is... wow. I know y'all liked it, but you *know* me, and you know where that story came from, so there is maybe some bias there. None here. Whee. :) I r serious writer!

We won. Now what?
rosefox writes about post-election activism.

Link Soup
* Matt Cheney's writing advice.
* In case sdn hasn't already seen it, since I know she always wants to know: a thirteen-year-old boy tells the pblishing industry what teens want.

Daily Science
Neuroanthropology. They got their chocolate in my peanut butter!

Man, I have got to buckle down and write my ass off today! Particularly because Elayna has tomorrow off and Wednesday mostly off (early release). I have the combination of being happy that I get more Elayna-time and being frustrated because my workweek got sliced in half and I'm on deadline.

Otherwise? Dinner with badlittlemonkey, BARCC peer supervision meeting (twice-monthly checkin), and hanging out after with Bigby.

Plans for the week?

Tuesday: Maybe Museum of Science with Elayna and the Amidons and anyone else who wants to come. After Elayna and I get our bridesmaid dresses in for alterations (we finally have shoes!)
Wednesday: Early release day, and parent/teacher conference. Elayna has been busting her buns getting overdue homework in, so hopefully this won't be too painful. Also, I must refill my meds. And I swear there's something Wednesday night that I'm forgetting about, so if you know what it is, remind me!
Thursday-Saturday: Working vacation at Wyrding Studios! I missed Kyth & Amy's last gathering, and I miss Kyth & Amy. Also there is much plotting. And I like her dog.
Sunday: persis's birthday party, if I can get a ride.

Hi. Monday.
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