Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

I took Elayna to the polling place. Beautiful autumn day. Long line, but it moved steadily, and the people in it were friendly. It's a good little town. (12 polling places for a four-square-mile town seems excessive, though!) Mine was ballot #236 at 8:10am, for those tracking such things.

I include a poll here because seeing the numbers in it go up will make me happy. :) There is no "no" button because I damn well expect you to vote.

I voted.

clicky button for non-Americans!

And keep your eyes open for tampering and fraud. One person on my friendslist has already gone to vote and discovered that she wasn't on the registration rolls (and this is a place she's voted at for years).

They say that all prayers are basically either "please" or "thank you".

I will spend my day saying, with every bit of me, Please.

I have stuffed up like whoa, and the cough is most annoying. A bit achy, too.

A Trying Day
Elayna has the day off, and she's backed up on her homework again - so my day will be spent hitting election coverage and riding herd on her to get stuff done.

Daily Science
Scientists have long known that it's possible for one gene to produce slightly different forms of the same protein by skipping or including certain sequences from the messenger RNA. Now, an MIT team has shown that this phenomenon, known as alternative splicing, is both far more prevalent and varies more between tissues than was previously believed.

See above. I doubt I'll get to Diesel; it'd be a lot of travel for a short visit, as I want to be with my family when the results start rolling in.

Oh,please. Please, please, please.
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