Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Our neighborhood is pretty much exclusively elderly couples/women or young families.

Both of these = awesome candy. Especially as the former set have lived here long enough to know they won't get a lot of trick-or-treaters, so they splurge and give out full-size candy bars. :)

I was feeling well enough to take Elayna out a bit; we hit the road she takes to school, and she introduced me to a little old lady she talks to most mornings. Sweet.:)

We'd spent so much of our time and energy wrestling things together for the LARP and kludging together a Chibi Vampire character costume that we forgot to put together a costume for actual trick-or-treating. Solution? She was a ghost. Old school, sheet with holes in it. Which made the older folks happily nostalgic, and delightfully spooked some of the littler kids.

I brought her home, and Adam took her out. Not five minutes after they left, I got my first and only trick-or-treater - Coyote-chan! She hadn't planned to trick-or-treat, but she got bored hanging around home, and ended up begging her dad to drive her over. We called Adam - and he and Elayna were right in front of Coyote-chan's mom's house! So they found each other and got to hang out the rest of the evening, which was good for both of them. :)

We only got one (1) mini Mounds bar. Which is good for my diet, but bad for my deep hunger for Mounds bars. I will trade you other candy for Mounds bar.

Also, I am dressed as a Jedi. In case you were wondering.
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