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I was at the kitchen counter taking my meds Sunday night, and I happened to look up and out at the dining room table. I thought "huh" and grabbed my camera:

Because it occurred to me that it looked straight out of Better Homes & Gardens, which triggered another thought cascade; I dragged Adam over and said "An image out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine."

He said "Yeah."

I said "In a tract house that we share...", and then he got it. :)

Little Shop's always been one of Our Movies. I have a history of Bad Boyfriends and an obsessive love of 1950s dresses, and he used to think he was a Seymour-ish schlub... had the band known it, "Suddenly Seymour" would've been our wedding song.

And... we're here. We fought for this, we worked for this, and now we have our warm little house with its golden afternoon light. And a bunch of gourds. :) This is our Somewhere That's Green.

I have a lot of thoughts brewing about Getting Sick - becoming a chronically-ill person, and spending three years in hell, and the way it changes everything. I was diagnosed five years ago this month, you see. But it is enough, right now, to say that - although life has not happened the way I planned it - I am perfectly and wonderfully happy with the way it is, right now.
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