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Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

Happy birthday to rafaela!

Hello to new reader mhaolain!

I kept waking up a bit last night every time I swallowed, my throat hurt so much.

Fever's gone (and now my hair is salty), so I hope everything else will fade soon. General weakness. Slimy back-of-the-throat. Achiness. My least favorite pat is the squashed feeling in the chest, which I described yesterday to feste_sylvain as "Can't breathe - don't panic - can't breathe - don't panic-".

I love that winter mask. Must think about what sort of mask I want for Arisia...

And thanks to new sponsors Michael M., Sophie C., and emilytheslayer!

Today's the last WTD of this cycle. The next cycle will be the week between Christmas and New Year's, and I'm not planning for it to be a collaboration.

I have some really interesting collaborations coming up, though. It's going to be an exciting few months - and an exciting 2009.

Daily Science
Recently identified electrical activity on Saturn's largest moon bolsters arguments that Titan is the kind of place that could harbor life.

After WTD? Lots of lounging around with a mug of tea-with-honey. Doing sedentary, low-brain tasks like sorting recipes. Reading. No parties for me tonight, I'm afraid; my goal is just to feel well enough to walk a few blocks with Elayna.
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