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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to kidzero!

Much the same. Less headachey today, though. Adam is home sick, and I hope I don't get what he's got...

My closet is not safe.
Elayna went to the Boston opening of Legally Blonde last night with her Chorus class. She wore my slinky black polka-dot dress with my black camisole, my red-and-gold "pashmina" shawl, my suede coat, my Parrish Relics necklace and sihaya09 earrings. And my socks. Only thing she didn't raid from my bedroom = her undergarments and her shoes. (She could have raided my shoes; she's borrowed my sneakers before. But my flats are still a tiny bit big on her.)

I love the barter economy.
I have big chunks of cow in my freezer, in a variety of cuts. Also sauces and jams. All for barter. I love that I can get necessary things by divesting myself of unnecessary things. Decluttering and providing for my family in one fell swoop!

Wheeeee published. :)
John Klima posted pics of Electric Velocipede #15/16 on the EV blog. So. It exists. :) This is my first non-comics, non-internet publication. On real paper. It would look quite handsome on your bookshelf.


Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob says: "If you knew how perfect a time it is for you to dance the forbidden dance, you would begin immediately. You would break out the sexy, world-in-upheaval grooves you sometimes slip into during your ecstatic flying dreams. You would unleash the words that have never been spoken, crack the codes that have never been broken, and give the love that has previously been verboten. Please, dear Pisces, have faith in your ability to thrive in the wild frontier where many of the rules are negotiable and every fantasy is ripe to be mutated. Halloween costume suggestion: the dancer who dances the forbidden dance. "

* Tell Jim Hines why you deserve a free copy of Goblin Quest!
* "What if it was your job to help everyone else succeed?"
* A meme I will follow: Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

Daily Science
Einstein’s general theory of relativity says that the universe began with the big bang singularity, a moment when all the matter we see was concentrated at a single point of infinite density. But the theory does not capture the fine, quantum structure of spacetime, which limits how tightly matter can be concentrated and how strong gravity can become. To figure out what really happened, physicists need a quantum theory of gravity.

According to one candidate for such a theory, loop quantum gravity, space is subdivided into “atoms” of volume and has a finite capacity to store matter and energy, thereby preventing true singularities from existing. If so, time may have extended before the bang. The prebang universe may have undergone a catastrophic implosion that reached a point of maximum density and then reversed. In short, a big crunch may have led to a big bounce and then to the big bang.

Write WTD and anything else I can burn through. Take Elayna to meet tigerbright and teddywolf's kids. Actually free this evening to curl up on the couch with the family. :)
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