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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to norda! (Go buy Doctor Who stuff from her!)

Headache and a bit of bodyache from the pressure drop.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
So yes! This week I'm working with ioianthe - masks and pieces of story for the four seasons plus one. Today is grey and dreary and I have to write Summer, agh!

Link Soup pretty much my Google Reader feed, these days.

One scary link, though
Woman assaulted by supporters of Proposition 8.

When Coyote-chan's mom came to pick her up from the LARP, we ended up talking election politics. This is the mom who sent the e-mail a while back that dissected the smear campaign against Obama and gave a lesson in critical thinking. Apparently she and her family always tended to vote Republican, but McCain/Palin horrify her so much that she's now actively campaigning for Obama.

And I said again, as I've been saying to Adam for weeks, "I don't know what I'm going to do with myself after the election." Election stuff is taking up so much of my headspace, so many cycles. On November 5, I'll be stumbling like I just got off a moving sidewalk.

I cannot remember it being like this for the 2004 election. (Then again, '04's one of the Lost Years.) I went politically mad after the 2000 election, of course (ballot boxes were stolen from my polling place and never picked up from some of the communities I visited - Florida voted for Gore, not Bush), but not before. Is it just the desperation after eight years of Bush?

I grew up under Reagan, primarily, and I voted for Clinton the year I turned 18. Clinton was a damn fine president, and were it not for term limits, I'd've voted for him again. I think Gore's mistake was in distancing himself from Clinton. A lot of people wanted an extension of the Clinton years. Instead we got this mess.

By comparison, my daughter has had Bush as her president since she was five. And it occurred to me yesterday why that may be part of why she's so cynical. Me, I've seen change happen. I believe. I have seen America be better than this.

To Elayna, we have always been at war.

My daughter does not remember a world where we weren't throwing soldiers over to Iraq to die, bombing civilian targets, committing torture. She has never lived out of the shadow of terror alerts and Homeland Security.

This realization terrifies me and horrifies me. I mean, have you thought about this? We have a whole generation coming up, and this is what they think of America as.

We are better than this.

And I'm voting for Obama, because he knows that we are better than this.

I want my America back.

Daily Science
New clue to muscular dystrophy uncovered: mediator in communication between neurons and muscle cells found

WTD summer, more writing stuffs, more house stuffs, Diesel. I hope it stops raining. :(
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