Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Yes, I know, I am posty this morning.

A morning miscellany:

* Severely achy legs and back, thanks to the concert last night. Still worth it, though.

Love Me Tonight
The Chemical Worker's Song
The Night Pat Murphy Died
When I’m Up
Jack Hinks
Concerning Charlie Horse
Hard Case
The River Driver
Here and Now
Alan's solo: The Boston Burglar
Company of Fools
I Fought the Law/500 Miles/Bohemian Rhapsody singalong medley
Run Runaway


[Kitchen party ad-lib]
Captain Kidd
When I Am King
Boston and St John's
Scolding Wife
I’m A Rover
Dream to Live
Consequence Free
Mari Mac
Ordinary Day
Walk On the Moon

First Encore:
“In Boston” ad lib about how awesome Boston is, particularly the nightlife
Old Black Rum

Second Encore:
Gallows Pole
Straight To Hell
Old Brown’s Daughter

* I hope that my head-and-chest stuffiness is just from recent proximity to a fog machine and not the onset of a cold. I've got that burning-behind-the-eyes thing. *frowns* It feels like getting-sick. But. Fog machine. So one can hope.

* Got wedding shoes! And wedding bra for Miss Kid! Googling her bra size led me to dance attire, which also = comfy low heels. So yes. I hope they match the dresses...
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