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Happy anniversary to us,
Happy anniversary to us!
Happy anniversary to me and Adam,
Happy anniversary to us!

*blows horn* *scatters confetti*

Four years of marriage. (And, incidentally, two years of Boston today, too.) Best years of my life.

Our anniversary gift to each other: Great Big Sea concert tonight. :)

Happy birthday to dabroots, deus_x, and kenakeri!

Happy early birthday to shrijani, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello again to returning reader faecat!

Achier than yesterday. St00pid weather shifts.

Ask Doctor LJ
Okay, 10 days ago I got body-checked into a turnstile at Harvard Square, landing square on my forearm. Hard enough that it smarted for hours afterward an that I was *sure* I'd have a full-arm bruise. No bruise appeared, but my arm still hurts a little, especially with firm touch along the bone, and there's a bump that isn't visible but can clearly be felt.

How concerned ought I to be?

(Also, I have been having numbness in my left big toe for a while, and I suppose I should inform a doctor about that. So I'll probably hit the doctor in the next few weeks anyway.)

One Card Draw!
Get your Balance Card drawn at haikujaguar's LJ, 3-4 EST!

Facebook Intrigues Me.
* People show up there who'd never have an LJ, because Facebook isn't a place for actually writing content. So people who may feel they have nothing to say don't come here, but do go there. Hence my reunion with people from elementary, middle and high school. (No one from Vegas found yet. They were never very 'net-aware, or the Facebook type; very off the grid.)
* I get geeked out when authors I really like add me out of the blue, presumably because their friends added me.
* This is definitely a place to observe the ripple effect. And it is definitely helping some things along re: the social networking story.

Daily Science
Where are my medical nanobots?

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Penguin pajamas.
Reading: The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond, by Donna Goldberg. Also On Writing, by Stephen King.
Elayna is Reading: The Stepsister Scheme by jimhines.
Writing: Sketching out plans for next week's Wind Tunnel Dreams. :)
Today: Adam needs to go in for a tux fitting at the Cambridgeside Galleria, and that's near the Kendall Square Cinema, so we may go see a movie. :) Tonight: Great Big Sea concert!
Tomorrow: Girl Scout Halloween-costume garage sale, 10-noon, let me know if you have costume pieces to donate or want the address to come shop! Then Elayna's going to a party to celebrate Arthur Weasley's promotion (party accessible via floo network at her friend's house, and this is the same friend who did the open house at Sirius Black's house last year, so we know this party's going to rock), and Adam and I are off to hang with kythryne and the gang.
Sunday: Elayna's LARP!

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