Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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The posts are up. I'll continue to add things throughout the day, if you forgot to comment before or just realized that I could help. :)

Why did I do this? Because I want to help. We are all struggling through our day in some way - whether it's a job search, trying to meet people in a strange city, trying to find a home for your cat, needing advice, whatever.

And sometimes my skillset coincides with what you need. But what I've found is that, even if I am not personally able to solve your problem... with the number of friends, associates, and readers I have, the chances are right excellent that I know someone who can help you.

And I believe that we all want to help each other. This is part of my belief that we all basically want to Do Good.

So part of my job as a nexus is to connect you.

So. I hope it helps.

My next big posting project will be the Holiday Shopping List - the Mall of Shadesong. I'll ask for your blurbs later this week. I'll pimp anything that would make a good holiday gift - so writers, crafters, bakers, whatever, think up a blurb so I can just copy and paste. Please make it easy for me to help you! And post a blurb even if you know I know what you do/have/sell. Remember, my memory buffer is broken.

I look forward to supporting independent writers, artists, and craftspeople on LJ and shopping from them rather than the big-box conglomerates. You should too. :)

Now I go eat breakfast.

EDIT: And... how can you help me? I have a list, mostly involving stuff like the hanging of pictures. But.

My sole income stream right now is Wind Tunnel Dreams. Please consider being a patron of the arts, or at least pimping WTD out to your friends. Also, I do freelance writing and editing. :)
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