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How Can I Help You? post 2 of 3: Professional Assistance

Job Hunting
* fiannaharpar, elionwyr, and I all need: "a job where I can work at home doing either writing, web editing, or data entry. I need to net $1,000/month minimum. I am negotiable and very reasonable with 20 years of experience."
* raptorgirl: "I need a full-time job with benefits in the New York City area. Preferably as an editorial assistant, proofreader, or copy editor."
* ysabetwordsmith: "I do freelance editing as well as freelance writing. If anyone is in need of an editor, I'm for hire."
* rosefox says: "I'm looking for freelance writing and editing gigs. If it involves manipulating words, I can do it."

* tamidon: "I can help people find and deal with caterers, casual wedding organising,and help plan large events. I can do small catering, and other food related jobs." (Boston area.)
* laurelian: "Job Hunting! I've got lots of admin/clerical experience and degrees in Sociology and Religious studies. Looking to make 30k+ annually."
* beetiger: "I need at home or local work which will allow me to be home when my little guy gets off the kindergarten bus at 3 pm. Small projects on tight deadlines my specialty. :)"
* gentleeleos needs a job in Cincinnati: "In this town, getting a job is all about who you know. I'm an attorney. Criminal defense. I'd do part time work, too. As it is, I shall be substitute teaching to make some extra cash soon."
* sirena73: "I've recently relocated back to Southern California (Orange County), and need two things; a job, and some friends. For the job: I have over ten years of experience in office-y/finance jobs, in the entertainment industry and in healthcare; mostly in accounting or accounts payable. I'm a quick study, organized to a fault, and can work by myself with little supervision. I'm looking for something stable (40 hours a week, full-time, benefits, praying for a more casual environment rather than stuffy corporate), but will take on part-time or temp gigs as well."
* norda says: "My partner needs a full-time job as an electrical engineer in back-end CAD support, either as a permanent position or a long-term contractor; his work experience includes DRC and LVS. Verification of design rules for library decks is his strong suit. His best hope for a job lies with semiconductor companies that do their own computer chip manufacture and/or have fabrication facilities onsite, but he will also contract out to companies that do not. We are currently located in central Massachusetts, but will relocate anywhere for the right job. "
* omnia_mutantur and I want "a 20-30hr a week, t-accessible job with an employer willing to overlook crippling shyness interviewing in exchange for exceptional organizational skill and steep learning curve once hired."
* batshua: "I are looking for a job. I am looking in San Antonio where I live, and I am willing to move to: Boston, Chicago, or Philly, since there thar be Jews. I haz skills and a resume, but I don't have recent paid experience. Apparently all my unpaid experience don't count for diddly squat."
* magenta_girl: "I need a job. So does my husband. He is an engineer (mechanical and structural). I am a bookkeeper/writer/artist. My dream job at the moment (aside from making a killing writing) is to help people not so inclined with their bookkeeping. I would be able to do this remotely if necessary (that would be preferable). So anyone who doesn't want to keep their own books/reconcile their checkbooks, etc. let me know and I'd love to help!"
* siliconshaman wants to know how to earn money from home. "Assuming that I'm starting with zero money, poor health [hence the 'at home'] no car, a truck-load of IT experience but no qualifications, some business experience but an aversion to working office hours, decent communications skills, a good laptop with broadband connection and an I.Q in the near-genius range."
* farceur_rouge: "I need a job doing theater or concert sound tech. I have two years of job experience and lots of time playing in the theater. If it's local to Northampton, MA that'd be a plus. If it pays, that'd be nifty, and if it could eventually allow me to escape my cubicle I'd love you forever."
* taura_g: "I need a job for my husband and a part time job for myself. ariesd is a Senior Sys Admin with 15+ years of experience looking in Boston preferably T-accessible. I am just looking for something 15-20 hours that won't pay crap - Tech, Tutoring or Customer Service related."
* talon: "Graduating in 'o9 with a neuroscience and psych degree, looking for a job anywhere that's +40k in pretty much anything. Most qualified for a helpdesk/IT professional job; don't know coding but have three years experience in tech support, willing to learn quickly."

Other professional assistance required
* qotcpcf: "Lol, not sure if you can help me in Queens, but I'm looking for a buyer's agent to help me get a co-op."
* shellefly: "I'm looking for a market for my short story, Apple. It's about 5400 words, it is a retelling of Genesis and could be considered speculative fiction. It has been rejected by F&SF and Abyss and Apex, but the latter said that they liked it, which was nice to hear. Any ideas?"
* littlebuhnee says: "I'm looking to start up a baby carrier business, and I would love to have some more people with baby-wearing experience (especially Asian style carriers) to test out my buckle tai design. I'm asking $50 for materials and an agreement to fill out a questionnaire after trying it out for a month."
* Jacob Sommer needs some contacts to launch his voice acting - check his demo out here!

If you have any leads for any of us, awesome! Please let us know!
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