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How Can I Help You? post 1 of 3: Pimpage

* brother_bliss needs pre-readers for issue 4 of his comic.
* ysabetwordsmith says: "My book Composing Magic: How to Create Magical Spells, Rituals, Blessings, Chants, and Prayers is available directly from me or various online booksellers."
* time_shark reminds me to pimp Clockwork Phoenix, which I read and most heartily enjoyed!
* While you're at it, check out the rest of Norilana Books' offerings!
* Read Sordid City Blues!

Jewelry/Other Crafts
* freyapax: Spinners! Buy lovely roving here!
* ioianthe: Beautiful carved and molded leather masks. Trust me, you want one; they're breathtaking.
* qotcpcf: Really lovely and unusual jewelry!
* shadowwolf13: Wonderful dream-catchers!
* divalea is having a rock-bottom-price commission spree to help fix her dead car. Get some art!
* All the best pins you see at conventions? They're made by Nancy Buttons. She does mail order. Have at!
* You know what your Halloween costume needs? Some beautiful handpainted horns, or maybe a top hat!
* Shop Cosmo's Curiosities for beautiful Sculpeyed tins, jewelry, and more! The gorgeous Victorian/steampunk embellished tin I auctioned during Blogathon was donated by Cosmo's.

Music/Other Audio
* sionainn: Take the best parts of every RenFaire band ever, shake them up, add a twist, and you have Rogues & Wenches. Give them a listen!
* norda says: "I need every single retail outlet, every single bookstore, every single local comics and gaming shop, every single pop culture online retailer, every single public library, and every single high school library in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, to buy the BLAKE'S 7 audio adventures series from us and to stock it on their store and library shelves. E-mail me at patty at mikescomics dot com, and I will send out our Sell Sheets to hand out in stores and libraries."

* You should be reading Goblin Fruit, a lovely fairy-tale-poetry online magazine.
* random_girl: "Please pimp the Support Network for Battered Women. They get the majority of their fundraising around Christmas Time, which means by the end of September they are running out of things that abused women and children need to survive outside the battering relationship.If you could encourage your readers to donate--even a few dollars or, if local, a blanket--it would be extremely helpful to them this time of year."
* zhent: Please respond to this poll.
* wolflady26 says: "I would love help spreading the word about my free sweepstakes newsletter. It goes out three times a week, and it's packed full of free sweepstakes advice, tips on how to win more, and contests and sweepstakes to enter."
* seileurt says: "I'm slowly releasing a mockumentary. If you or others could help by comments and spreading the word, that would be mint."
* haikujaguar says: "The one card draw is upcoming! One hour on the 24th of October, one hour on October 31st. :)"
* ellyssian wants you to check out his Zazzle gallery.
* Belgatheriel's Heath is much like my Wind Tunnel Dreams - go read!

Boston Local
* gothtique says: "If you have peeps coming to Salem, Ma this season, send them to The Picklepot!"
* anotherjen says: "I'd love it if you could promote my professional organizing business to people in the Boston area. Let's say they get a $50 discount off their first session (normally $200) if they mention you. The website is"
* oneagain needs to find a new home for her cat.
* tamidon is selling delicious jams, preserves, pickles, and more. Check out this list of yum!
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