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Happy birthday to the amazing samhenderson!

Hello to new reader hekenu!

*wince* My upper back and shoulders are messed up from toting that laptop bag. Must see if there's money in the budget for massage.

Link Soup
* Pretty castles!
* This cracked me right up.
* The "21st Century Business Models for Artists" series is complete. I wish that they had discussed a few actual business models as examples, but you can't have everything; guess I'll continue to find my way by torchlight. There are a few good ideas about figuring out how to create your business model, though.

Daily Science
About three times a second, a 10,000-year-old stellar corpse sweeps a beam of gamma-rays toward Earth. Discovered by NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, the object, called a pulsar, is the first one known that only "blinks" in gamma rays.

"This is the first example of a new class of pulsars that will give us fundamental insights into how these collapsed stars work," said Stanford University's Peter Michelson, principal investigator for Fermi's Large Area Telescope in Palo Alto, Calif.

Post the "can I help you" posts. That should take at least an hour, no lie. Then write what comes; then take Elayna wedding-shoe and wedding-bra shopping when she gets home. Tonight,I may or may not have a BARCC workshop training; they asked if we were available for it, but I've not heard anything else.
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