Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Y'all have heard me go on about s00j for ages. Permit me to do so again. :)

Now you - yes, you! - have a chance to see her live and get involved with her new tour!

The fabulous s00j and K. (he of the Gypsy Rules) are planning their "Muses and Mischief Tour" around the Gulf Coast for January and February of 2009, including several cities in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. They need local folks to help with some of the planning and promotion for individual shows. If you'd like to get involved, e-mail them at AT

There are some perks for helping out, including first-grab at the the tour's promotional CDs (three or four songs, with a recorded message from SJ, Ginger, and Bekah telling listeners about their music, about the upcoming show, and about how they'd like folks to give copies of the CD to their friends) and some special "Street-Team only" schwag. (Hey, K, do I get schwag for pimping you? *hopeful look*) They're looking for local or region-specific internet radio stations to send promo kits to, as well.

At the very least, please e-mail them if you're interested in having SJ Tucker do a show in your area or at your house. The more folks they know want to come to a show, the more shows they'll set up and the more likely you are to actually get a seat. My house was full to the brim when we had s00j over. Seriously. All available space and then some.

In areas where they don't know how many people will come to a show, but they can probably expect more than 10, they're looking for folks with a big room in their house that would like to have them come and do a simple performance in their living room. In areas where they can count on more than 40 people at a show at $10 a head, they'll be looking for a rentable hall or UU church.

I am so envious of you Gulf Coasters, btw. I miss SJ! And seriously, if SJ's in your area, go to her shows. She's amazing on her albums, but she kicks it up several notches in concert... comparable to the energy of Great Big Sea or Flogging Molly.

Also, this is What S00j Does - she travels and brings her music to every nook and cranny of this country, and makes enough from her tip jars to keep moving, keep singing, keep playing. Go forth and support that! (And buy her albums!)
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