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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to desayunoencama and envoy!

Today's my Friday, so happy early birthday to katfireblade, khaosworks, puddin666, and runnerwolf!

Achy from all of yesterday's running around. Today will involve slightly less running around, and also will involve a lighter backpack.

IAF Meeting
The inaugural meeting of the core of IAF Boston/Northeast went exceedingly well, and we are all explodey with ideas, which is a good state to be in.

Local creative types, check out the IAF's website. If it looks like something you'd be interested in exploring with us, we'd like to cordially invite you to lunch in Central Square on November 5.

Link Soup
* 21st Century Business Models for Artists, the first in a series - I'll be watching this.
* But Seth Godin says "Maybe you can't make money doing what you love."
* The real John McCain.
* Muppet Noir.

Daily Science
Hot, young planets may be easier to spot because they stay that way longer than astronomers have thought, according to new work by MIT planetary scientist Linda Elkins-Tanton. For a few million years after their initial formation, planets like Earth may maintain a hot surface of molten rock that would glow brightly enough to make them stand out as they orbit neighboring stars.

Daily BPAL
Blood Moon: The feral scent of the heat of the chase, deep woods, undulating musks, brushed by forest flora, swirled in the incense of the anointed cherub that covereth, and touched by blood-dimmed lunar oils.
In bottle: Faint and perfumey.
On me: Mostly musk, but with a chemical feel. Well. Thank goodness it isn't like the previous Blood Moon, because that would've cost us money.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Sock monkey pjs.
Reading: I am *gasp* Between Books. Not sure which I'm going to pick up next, and I have zero time to look around.
Writing: Hopefully will get to Ondine. I want to be writing Places You Haunt, but I'd like to submit Ondine to a particular anthology, and there's a deadline on that. Also I have to turn Vasilissa into a comic script.
Planning: It doesn't matter what I'm planning, because today has been a series of events tearing up all of my plans and throwing them out the window. I am flying down to Florida tomorrow-Sunday, though.
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