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It could be worse.

My loved ones like to poke at me for Doing Too Much. And they're right. I do tend to overload myself. But I've been figuring out which of my timesucks are energizing and rewarding (like BARCC) and which are crazymaking (like Arisia staff-person-ing), so I can cut the ones that leave me frustrated and exhausted.

I think I've been doing a mostly-decent job at recognizing what not to take on, though. Example: I have not joined the SCA, despite cajoling by SCAdian friends. Because I know that would be crazymaking. Other example: running BPAL decant circles. It would be a great way to be able to try everything. But. Crazymaking and majorly time-consuming.

And I'm actively engaged in trying to make existing timesucks a positive thing. I was very seriously considering giving Wind Tunnel Dreams up, because it was running me ragged - but I found a way to make it something creative and fun again (thanks, Kyth!).

It's all just a continuing process of figuring stuff out. And I'm steadily making progress. *nod*
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