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Yes, this is early to think about it, but people are buying plane tickets, so! Early shot across the bow!

We are picking people up at the airport on Sunday 11/23 and Wednesday 11/26 (evening); we are dropping people off on 12/1. If you're planning on flying in and can coordinate with this schedule, that makes things easier and awesomer.

Claimed: Couch (Gwyn) and loveseat (rafaela). There is ample room for airbeds (and we have one queen and two twins); further crashspace is claimed by slipjig, lbitw, and harkalark. If you will require crashspace, please let me know. Also, let me know if you have an airbed to loan; I always worry that we'll come up short.

Please let us know if you have any. We have EpiPens handy, but would rather not have to use them.

If you are bringing food, please post a post-it note on it telling us how long it needs to be in the oven and at what temperature. Part of last year's agita was unlabeled stuff not getting cooked because we didn't know it was there, and people ducking into the kitchen to try to put their food into the already-full oven. This year, we'll have a staging area. We want to fit your food into our schedule, but we *do* have a schedule. Help us make this run smoothly!

Kitchen Access
During the last few hectic hours of cooking, you will not be allowed into the kitchen if your name is not Adam or 'song. No one got stabbed last year, accidentally or otherwise. We want to keep it that way. (Related: If you have "caution" tape to loan, that would be awesome.)

We watch The Princess Bride. Please do not kvetch that we are watching a movie. It is Tradition.

There are three. Please medicate accordingly. I'm amenable to running the Roomba and keeping the cats upstairs during the festivities, but the house really can't be made 100% allergen-free.

How You Can Help
I love doing the cooking. I hate doing the cleaning. And past experience has shown that I have special difficulty with the dishes - my tendonitis tends to flare thanks to a day of peeling and chopping, and I just cannot lift the pots and pans without pain by the end of the day. So that's one way you can help.

Phew. Yes. Hi.
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