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I did some physically-demanding things this weekend, but I watched myself like a hawk and applied appropriate levels of painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sleep. So I'm doing pretty okay today. Except for allergies that are hitting *one eye* and my nose.

Street Fairs and Shopping
I still love street fairs, but I don't hit the shopping tables anymore. This is less a function of not having the money, and more a function of thinking "Kyth could do that better. And that? sihaya09 could do that better. And I'm not going to buy scarves when I can just get them from my knitter friends." Because a) my crafty friends genuinely do do awesome work, and b) many of them take barter. Note to crafty friends launching websites: I do proofreading/editing for store credit!

Argh-y Monday
Argh-y because the whole family's home, and I wanted to write today; instead, my day will be spent hounding the child to do her homework and practice her flute. And I'm flying to Florida Friday, so this means I only have three working days this week.

Happy Monday
Happy because I do love my family, and also because we'll get to do our Halloween decorations when kid finishes what she needs to do.

Shirts I Want
* Snorg Tees
* Busted Tees
* Jinx Tees

Link Soup
* "Thoughts on the Firefly Seventh-Season Premiere".
* I want this library.
* Also, I want these bedrooms.
* Strange knitty things.

Daily Science
Desai has spent the past year and a half developing a robot that can perform biopsies and destroy tumor cells all in one session, making the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer less time-consuming and more accurate than ever before.

lynxreign and emilytheslayer are coming by later to deliver some bookshelves. Other than that, we have an unstructured day; we should clean the hall closet so we can get to the Halloween decorations and stash the window A/C units, and I should get caught up on e-mailish tasks as well. And maybe I can write Large Fandom Collider and New Gods with people around - who knows?
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