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Hello to new reader dakabn!

Still achy from yesterday's burst of activity. Still headachey from Wednesday.

Out of the Darkness Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Pasting from earlier this week: Okay, you know that you can win fabulous prizes for sponsoring me or any other member of Team Monkey Hugs.

But also! You'll get my Large Fandom Collider storybit and my alternate take on New Gods from September's Wind Tunnel Dreams. And! You'll also get these for spreading the word about the walk. Just post about the walk and send me the link, and you'll get the storybits. (You won't get entered in the raffle at Emily's journal; that's for sponsors only. But. Storybits. *nod*)

WTD Wind-down
I always have a bit of a comedown when I stop doing WTD for the month. Not dipping my toes into new worlds every day. *sigh*

Shayara Musing
Elayna's addiction to Cirque du Soleil DVDs (no,we've never seen them live, alas) has me thinking about the arts in Shayara. We've established that there's a symphony orchestra. It follows that there'd be a city ballet. And circus-type performers... we have a Carnival District, after all! And the acrobats would have the memory of dozens or hundreds of lives of honed skills... what do you get from a dancer who's been dancing in life after life for centuries?

Daily Science
The first ecosystem ever found having only a single biological species has been discovered 2.8 kilometers (1.74 miles) beneath the surface of the earth in the Mponeng gold mine near Johannesburg, South Africa. There the rod-shaped bacterium Desulforudis audaxviator exists in complete isolation, total darkness, a lack of oxygen, and 60-degree-Celsius heat (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Daily BPAL

John Barleycorn: Barley, beer, blood, and whiskey.
In bottle: Sort of a nutty scent, with undercurrents of booze.
On me: Oddly sweet. There's something here I don't recognize. Hm.

The Hessian of the Hollow: Grave moss and bone-white sandalwood, with vetiver, gunpowder, artillery shrapnel, and blood.
In bottle: Vetiver muted by sandalwood.
On me: Moss and gunpowder, vetiver and sandalwood. Nice!

Friday Memage!
Wearing: White nightie with purple flowers. Boring! :)

Reading: The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp (hoping to kick-start a habit for myself!); Charles Fort: The Man who Invented the Supernatural by Jim Steinmeyer.

Writing: Hopefully I can get into the proper headspace for Ondine today. The problem with Ondine and with the Telenias's story is that they both have very distinct Voices that I don't slip into naturally. Ondine is easier, especially the way I'm bending it. The Telenias just has an alien thought process, but he does have internal logic (and how!).

Today: David arrives in late morning. Afternoon/evening plans with felisdemens and feste_sylvain are possible.
Tomorrow: Out of the Darkness Walk!
Sunday: I'm manning BARCC's table at Harvard Square's Oktoberfest from 2:30-5 - but the 'fest sounds like loads of fun, so I'll likely show up early and wander around. You should come!
Monday: No active plans of yet, but Adam & Elayna are off for Columbus Day, so any offers of plans ought to keep that (and them!) in mind. Anyone up for apple-picking, or the gathering of any other sort of fruit or vegetables? Pumpkins? Something?

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