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Daily Chance to Do Good

All text below the lines by elionwyr...

Go read this:
As always, RM is eloquent even in her anger..this time, about health insurance.

The reason I'm posting this link:

Once Upon a Time, I spent much too little time in the presence of an amazing woman. She radiated a refreshing coolness that I wanted to bask in for a very long time. Beautiful eyes. A music-filled voice.

Later, when she expressed the desire to look at me for hours, a shiver ran through me.

roadnotes is one of my secret crushes. Sometimes she has left fantasy-comments about spending time with me - the most memorable fantasy was about us blowing things up in a microwave - and again, I would shiver, wishing I had the courage to take advantage of relative proximity, to drive up to NYC and get to know her better, to intersect the path of her daily orbit for a moment or two.

A few days ago, her love, baldanders had a hemorrhagic stroke.

He is 44.

He has no health insurance; he is a freelance copyeditor and a blogger, both here on LJ and elsewhere.

The doctors are not being very encouraging.

And so...I have a request.
And that request is two-fold:

1) baldanders is a lover of music. Which is putting it lightly. There's an open request for people to send him mix CDs - his musical tastes are reflected here, here, and here.

If you would like to send him music, click here.

2) Tomorrow at 12:30PM, will be posting a donation link to help Soren with his medical costs. I ask that you please consider visiting that site and clicking on that Paypal link.

In roadnotes's words:
"I worry about sounding too sentimental, but the woman I have been since Soren chose me is ... just so much more than I think I would have been on my own. He is an amazing man, and my heart's favorite song.

roadnotes and baldanders have been members of LJ since 2000.

Please spread the word.

Continuing info here:

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